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24 Hours Electrical Repairs


Electrical installations and repair should only be trusted to a knowledgeable and experienced technician. In addition, it is important that you ensure you are working with a registered electrical services company. For electrical installation and repairs in El Monte, talk to Moon Electric Services. We are a registered and licensed electrical solutions provider serving the entire El Monte region and the surrounding cities. At Moon Electric Services, we have experienced electricians who work round the clock including the weekends and holidays to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. At Moon Electric Services, we have invested in the best electrical troubleshooting equipment allowing us to provide fast and qualified service.
Do you experience frequent electrical faults? Why not trust Moon Electric Services for qualified electrical troubleshooting and repairs. We are the top-rated electrical solutions provider serving El Monte and the surrounding towns. For the years that we have been in business, we work with qualified electricians who are in charge of electrical installation services and also carry out electrical troubleshooting and repair.



To schedule a service with Moon Electric Services, call us on (805) 209-1091, and enjoy the best rates. We are El Monte most trusted electricians. The services that we provide include the following:


Upgrading of Electrical Panels

At Moon Electric Services, we are the best electrical panel upgrade, electricians. We provide our customer's qualified solutions ensuring that they do not experience frequent electrical faults as a result of overloaded electrical panels. Talk to Moon Electric Services today to schedule for the electrical panel upgrade. We will carry out a thorough electrical panel inspection, review the electrical consumption and advise you on a suitable solution. Therefore, you can always rest assured that we will provide you the best solutions.


The Electrical Switch or Outlet Upgrading

The electrical switch/outlet provide very important functionality, allowing you to switch on the electricity and switching off the electricity. Therefore, it is important that you hire a trusted company for the installation of electrical outlets. Talk to Moon Electric Services today and enjoy a fast and efficient electrical switch installation we will test and advise you in case you are experiencing electrical switch problems. Therefore, come to Moon Electric Services today for a super-fast electrical switch installation, replacement or repair.


Residential Electrical Repair Services

Moon Electric understands the different electrical issues that residential customers experience often. Therefore, we will be readily available and help you in resolving such problems. At Moon Electric Services, we have the technical expertise and best equipment for electrical problems troubleshooting. In addition, our electricians understand how to fix these problems ending these problems within a short period. Talk to us today to schedule for a residential electrical installation inspection, troubleshooting and repair services.


Emergency Electrician

Moon Electric Services provides a fast and reliable response to electrical emergencies. Whenever our customers call us, we come prepared and provide the best solutions after thorough troubleshooting to identify the problem. Therefore, by choosing Moon Electric Services for electrical troubleshooting; you will never go wrong since we provide you the best solutions. In addition, we understand that a minute of electrical fault results in losses. We will be on standby to make sure that you do not experience any electrical faults. Talk to Moon Electric Services today and enjoy superior services.


Installation of Ceiling Fan

Moon Electric Services provides the best ceiling fan installation in El Monte. Serving commercial and residential customers, we are the number one electricians when it comes to lighting solutions and installation of various appliances. Therefore, when you call us we will provide you a fast response and make sure that you are satisfied. our experts will use the best technology and advanced creativity to make sure you are a satisfied customer.


EV Charging Station Installation

The electric vehicles are becoming very popular, and soon people will experience inconveniences when it comes to charging the vehicles. Therefore, it is advisable that owners of Electric Vehicles consider residential EV charging station. For proper installation of the EV charging station come to Moon Electric Services


24 Hour Electrician El Monte

Electrical faults can occur at any time including when you need power seriously. At Moon Electric Services, we are readily available to help you. talk to Moon Electric Services and enjoy superior electricity installation and repair services at any time of day or night.